We offer the followoing servics to support your organisation's corporate regulatory and compliance needs:

  • Advising on suitable businesss structures and legal forms based on your organization's objectives and industry
  • Conducting thorough due dilligence to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements before copany registration
  • providing answers to all inquiries and answering all questions


We provide assistance in the registration of various entities, including:

  • Business Name registrationsSole proprietor or Partners
  • Company registrations (both private an public companies encompassing different types such as companies limited by shares, unlimited companies, companies limited by guarantee etc.)
  • Incorporated Trustees Registrations (For NGOs, churches, clubs, Associations and similar organizations
  • SCUML Registration: We provide assistance in registering your company with the Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML) ensuring compliance with relevant money laundering regulations.


As part of our comprehensive range of services, we provide the following Post-Incorporation services:

  • Conducting regular compliance assssments to ensure adherence to relevant laws, regulations, and corporate governance standards.
  • Developing and implementing internal policies and procedures to foster a compliance coporate culture
  • Offering comprehensive tax advisory services to optimize your organization's tax position while ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.
Our Post Incorporation services includes the following:
  • Name Alterations
  • Modification of Business objectives/nature of Business
  • Share capital Adjustments
  • Annual returns
  • Change of Directors/shareholders etc


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